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The L.C. Smith Journal

The L.C. Smith Collectors Association Journal is one of the primary benefits of being a member. You will get to enjoy reading articles about L.C.Smiths.

  • L.C. Smith Co."History"
  • "From the Records"
  • "Hunter Arms Homecoming"
  • "Be Aware of-"
  • "Restoring That Old Elsie"
  • "Engraving Variations"
  • "Mystery Guns"
  • "Shooting Club Reviews"
  • "Do I Restore My Gun?"
  • "Hunting With a L.C.Smith"
  • "Granda's Old Gun"
  • "If Only This Gun Could Talk"
  • Classified For Sale Ads

The articles are written by long time L.C. Smith officinados, board members, and regular members that submit stories about ?? As long as it has something to do with L.C. Smiths we ask you enthusiasts to tell your favorite stories about your "Elsies".

We all enjoy talking about our adventures hunting and our guns. Whether telling about restoring an old shotgun or finding a treasure in the attic, we look forward to be able to share your stories. If you have pictures to go along with these stories it would be a great addition to your article.

You do not have to be a great author or a polished writer, our editor will help you get your submission into shape to publish. We get great stories from our membership. Our membership of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association looks forward to the articles submitted in each new Journal. Please share your stories.